What We Do

We provide group training, one-on-one coaching, behavior change, and company culture services, in real-world and online formats, on influence, storytelling, conflict, leadership, becoming a better manager, and much more. 

Our approach is unique, physiological, and sometimes uncomfortable. Most training only focuses on ability. We focus on instincts that drive behavior. We believe people can change years of ingrained behavior in a moment. We see it happen every day. 

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Group Learning

We provide group training and retreats for every size of organization and team, on site, online, or a combination of both. In-depth, online follow-up learning supports change over time.

Typically, companies send people to group trainings, everyone comes back inspired, and… nothing changes. Our approach is different. We begin with models, which participants incorporate in small group work. Our trainers make people laugh and make the day so interesting that we get high entertainment ratings. We disrupt comfortable patterns and habits so that, when people are irrational and real stakes involved, we can still be “in choice” of our behavior. 

One-on-One Coaching

We provide one-on-one coaching services, and do so in person, remotely, or both. Allegory coaching includes a direct, crisis support line to your coach (no kidding), so we can help in high-stakes moments of physiological discomfort, as well as lots of one-on-one practice and online follow-up learning and reminders. We help people develop specific skills, like storytelling and conflict management, and also help people become better leaders, parents, entrepreneurs, managers, and partners.

Systems Design

Sometimes, behavior change depends on changing the way things are done, not just the people who do them. With a participatory design approach, we help organizations rethink and shift the way they do meetings, email, interviewing and hiring, performance reviews, feedback, project postmortems, and organizational strategy. 


Our books, tools, and online learning are Allegory for the do-it-yourselfer. They give a sense of our creative, physiology-centric, realistic, and sometimes irreverent approach to storytelling, influence, communication, leadership, and everything else. Our affordable products and tools can be used alone or in combination for a richer, more robust DIY program.

Public Classes

We offer public classes in a variety of in-person and online configurations, and on a variety of topics including leadership, parenting, public speaking, storytelling, sales, being a better manager, interviewing and hiring, and more. We keep our intensive, half-day and full-day, in-person classes small, because they include a lot of getting up, moving around, and practicing with individual feedback from facilitators and coaches. We also provide custom, public classes for large groups and conferences. 


We provide keynote addresses and custom, public classes for large groups and conferences. Allegory facilitators and coaches can be found at many conferences, retreats, and other public events throughout the year. Please inquire with us by phone or email to engage Allegory for your next event.