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scottie chapman

Scottie Chapman


Scottie Chapman is a former horse trainer, video game tester, and passionate snowboarder, best known as the “mistress of metal” on the Discovery Channel’s hit show, Mythbusters. Over the last sixteen years, Scottie has applied her amazing fabrication skills to everything from bridges and amusement park rides, to seaplanes and race cars, developing a love for all things metal.

“I see my relationship with metals as a personal one, and at this point they have taken on humanistic traits…. If you can understand and speak its language, you can get it to do almost anything.”

It’s this passion for metalwork that she brings to all her projects and something she works to instill in her students as a high school welding and metal instructor. She’s spent the last five years collaborating with fellow Allegory team member Michael Christian, assisting him in group learning sessions and on large- scale metal sculptures that have been displayed all over the world.