Lisa Batchelder

Coach and Facilitator

So often, even when the desired outcome is clear, the data in our message set, and the key people present, our behavior as a leader doesn’t move us closer to our goal. Triggers happen that throw off our ability to influence: push-back on our ideas, unforeseen variables, and last minute change. 

Can we use whatever happens in a moment to get closer to the outcome we want? This is the key to leadership and facilitation. Seeing everything as in service to the outcome. As a facilitator or leader, what happens in a room never happens to us, it happens for us.

After graduating with dual degrees in English and Education, Lisa began her work life in education. While in the classroom, she became fascinated with how students learn, especially those who struggled in a traditional instructional setting. Creating curricula that addressed these issues led Lisa to start her own educational consulting practice in 1999. 

Lisa’s skills as a content writer and instructor soon found a home in the corporate world, where she wrote for various publications: articles for companies such as brain-research site Scientific Learning; career guides for the job search company Wetfeet; curriculum design for independent consultants, such as sales training company, Perficency Inc.; and web content for businesses launching online. 

Using her experience to bridge content and learning, Lisa soon found herself in the role of a corporate facilitator and coach. 

A lifelong writer, Lisa published her first novel, Dandelion Salad, in 2003 and is currently working on her second book. Her literary voice can also be read through her blog Who Knew, a running platform for her slice of life pieces.

Blessed with two young boys and a trampoline to wear them out, Lisa has come to appreciate how much we learn in the moment and utilizes this in her coaching, facilitating, and writing. Her favorite author, Mark Twain, put it best: “A man who carries a cat by the tail, learns something he could learn in no other way.”