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john soares

John Soares


John Soares grew up on an almond farm, and we wonder just what was in that soil to breed such incredible creativity. He is a brilliant filmmaker, editor and actor. John co-founded the Westhavenbrook Film Group in 2001 while studying film in college.

In 2003 he co-directed and starred in the popular Internet film series Sockbaby, with creator Doug TenNapel, creator of Earthworm Jim and Catscratch. In 2008 they premiered the fourth installment at the San Diego Comic Con. The cast for Sockbaby 4 included Napoleon Dynamite’s Jon Heder and Hellboy’s Doug Jones. In 2009 John released The Danger Element, the first episode of an action-adventure series starring himself and Doug Jones. In the same year, Westhavenbrook was approached by Watanabe Inc. and Dentsu to reinvent Japanese pop star Shoko Nakagawa’s manga and anime character, SUKASHI KASHIPANMAN, to be released to an American audience. The result was the Go Sukashi! Internet series, created, written and produced by John Soares and Justin Spurlock, with Doug TenNapel as executive producer. It stars the YouTube phenomenon, Brooke Brodack.

Along with his action-adventure films, John also does other projects, like music videos and corporate videos. Allegory works with John to transform the mundane into the memorable.