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Walk the halls of Allegory and you’re bound to meet some unusual characters: A filmmaker, a former CIA demographer, a large-scale sculpture artist, a stand-up comedienne. It’s an unlikely mix for a corporate training company, but they all possess a single quality that stands at the core of Allegory’s philosophy: They believe in people and their ability to change (for the good). They believe in the importance of having a “learner” mindset and not fearing conflict, as conflict can be a good thing when done well.

Allegory employees understand that good communication plays an important role in building strong relationships with the human beings we come in contact with each day. In order to change a mind, sell a product, or save the world, we must first be heard.

Christina Harbridge

christina harbridge

misChief Executive Officer

Lisa Batchelder

lisa batchelder


Gretchen Schoenstein

gretchen schoenstein


Dhaya Lakshminarayanan

dhaya lakshminarayanan


Luke Klipp

luke klipp


Michael Christian

michael christian


Scottie Chapman

scottie chapman


john soares


Sonia Bettencourt

sonia swanson

Special Ops

Aminta Romero-Dunkle

aminta romero-dunkle