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performance reviews

Look Forward, Not Behind

The problem with the typical performance review is the absence of two pieces of equipment:
The time machine and the crystal ball.

A human being does not have perfect memory and often the past gets in the way of the future. Standard review processes tend to create tension between managers and the teams they lead. Eyes roll. Anxiety rises. Profits dip.

Performance reviews do have the potential to strengthen the bond between manager and employee through real-time, in-the-moment coaching.

Trajectory is an internal process that helps the personal goals of the individual match the needs of the organization through clear, results-driven coaching and mentoring. Trajectory assessments create a dialogue between the manager and the employee that is future-focused and inspires both to improve performance. These are the types of reviews that employees and managers look forward to, the kind that improve company morale and challenge all involved to make tomorrow even better than today.