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Salespeople need to stop selling

The moment a prospect feels like he is being sold, the salesperson has reduced his influence. Great salespeople must be able to educate, challenge, and maintain rapport. Their foremost goal is to be heard and understood, not to sell. When people enter a room with their mind set on selling or convincing, they are rarely able to communicate effectively. They lose sight of the other human in front of them and often put people on the defensive.

A salesperson with an easy, authentic energy has the ability to challenge client hesitancy and make the client feel good about their decision. Once this trust is established, a client stops feeling like he’s listening to some pitchman, and starts treating the salesperson like a trusted consultant, someone who’s there to offer advice, not sell a product.

Great salespersons must know how to get prospects to listen, remember, and repeat their message. We’ll work with your sales team to improve their rapport-building skills, how to handle (and even welcome) tough questions, and develop simple mindshare techniques that create a positive association in the client’s mind between the salesperson and their message. We also have a program geared toward sales managers, designed to teach these principles in a way that can be easily relayed back to the rest of the sales team.