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When Does a Boss Become a Leader?

When he or she relies heavily on influence rather than authority. Leaders understand how to navigate the group dynamic. They get teams in tune. A musician doesn’t always know he is playing off-key until another instrument is around. A leader must be well-versed in both the positive and the discordant harmony. The discordant harmony is having the real conversations and relationship-building conflict that result in a high-performing healthy culture.

Adjusting how team members play in an organization takes a self-aware leader who can keep people focused on what matters most. A leader must focus his or her attention on the high-leverage actions that create sustainable, consistent outcomes.

Most bosses only reach their full leadership potential once in a while. We’re dedicated to the creation of real leaders: sophisticated, emotionally aware men and women who coach their employees past their known abilities, challenge ingrained behavior, and lead their companies to even greater heights of profitability.