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Here are a few examples of what our clients think about what we do. Metrics and ROI are available for qualified prospects upon request.
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Allegory training has taught us to sync our communications, align expectations better, and break down uncomfortable barriers. Allegory gives tactical advice that changes how people act. I’ve never seen training succeed in doing this before and it happens in Allegory trainings in minutes.

—S. Gould, Linden Lab

I went in expecting standard run of the mill “theory” and “tools” to incrementally improve my abilities. What I received is a spelunking into my operating system and an understanding of just why standard tools do not work for the way I am wired. The result was immediate and long-lasting. Allegory also taught the team around me how to leverage my strengths. This added context has accelerated the impact of the learning.

—T. Serres,

Christina and her team have a curious energy that brings a passionate perspective to group dynamics, speaking, and ultimately leadership.

—M. Stewart, Entrepreneurs’ Organization

I have never felt 100% comfortable with public speaking and this has laid a foundation for me to not just feel more comfortable, but excel.

—T. Pruett, Apple

I enjoyed the presentation because it was really tailored to our culture and responded to our needs.

—J. Raskin, Apple

[Allegory] has re-energized my way of presenting, scratch that, my way of talking with people.

—Jeff Skalski, Electronic Arts

Forced me to look outside the box throughout the day and see that there “are” good ways to engage people and deliver crisp messages.

—S. Grefford, Electronic Arts

Dynamic, engaging, informative. Best session I’ve sat in my two years at Yelp.

—C. Curtis,

I liked how applicable everything we learned is. The interactivity helped me remember most of what was covered.

—K. Ely,

It really opened my eyes on how I shape conversation and communicate with others.

—S. Murphy, Verian Technologies

[I liked] everything – I love that someone is telling people to just be themselves – it’s so much easier to connect.

—C. Sanchez, Claire Sanchez Studios, LLC

The exercises were great. Doing is so much better than hearing and seeing.

—A. Azdril, Startech Global

I love the stories and how they connected to communication…This is the best seminar I’ve ever been to!

—B. Rodriguez, Gator Works

I walked away with things I can start doing immediately.

—J. Loftus, Tiger District

I expected to learn just how to present, not how to think about why I am who I am.

—N. Sus, Susco Solutions

First time I’ve ever felt good about speaking to an audience.

—L. Poole, [Major Bank]

Energetic personal speaker who got the group involved…physically, mentally, emotionally. Created situations to illustrate her points effectively.

—B. Bremer, [Major Bank]

[The training] gave me more courage to do what I want in life and not be afraid.

—V. Farinha, Apple