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We believe people can change.

People can change a lifetime of ingrained behavior and ability. Human behavior is not as easy as we want it to be, nor is it as complicated as we make it. To get what we want, we often focus on perfecting a skill only to not use that skill consistently and when it really matters.

A great deal of human behavior is the result of habits. We arrive miraculously at work every day without ever being aware of the syncopated tension of the gas and the brake pedal. To be able to access the new skill/ability we learn, there must also be a change in our habits, a shift in perspective, and some clear self-serving benefit. Often training only focuses on the ability. We focus on the instinct that is driving the behavior.

We believe people can change years of ingrained behavior in a moment. It is a choice.

we help shape


who recognize the profit in encouraging diverse and sometimes conflicting opinions and making clear, transparent decisions based on those recommendations.


who take pride in their work and believe they’re contributing to something greater than themselves.

Company Cultures

that value individual contributions, that encourage conversation between silos, and where conflict, instead of causing pain and dissent, gives birth to innovation.