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We provide group training, one-on-one coaching, behavior change, and company culture services, in real-world and online formats, on influence, storytelling, conflict, leadership, becoming a better manager, and much more. 

Our approach is unique, physiological, and sometimes uncomfortable. Most training only focuses on ability. We focus on instincts that drive behavior. We believe people can change years of ingrained behavior in a moment. We see it happen every day. 

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Christina Harbridge is a behaviorist who interacts with audiences of all sizes to help them navigate their feelings when dealing with others who may or may not be rational. Your attendees will laugh, they’ll be made uncomfortable, and some may even cry – however, what they learn will stick with them for the long run.

Group Workshops

Our group learning is designed to disrupt comfortable patterns & habits so that when we are hijacked by our physiology, we can learn how to choose our behavior without relying on willpower. We help people create a new normal in physiology so they can be more self-authored in conflict, leadership, public speaking and beyond. This will have profound impact on your bottom line. 

Individual Coaching

Allegory coaches executives to improve their ability to work with and through other people. With our strengths come the habits we have developed around communicating. Some of these habits serve us in our ability to be effective communicators and some don’t. To get to the ability we want, we need to disrupt these patterns. Most humans can get at the behavior they want when they see their behavior in context. Our coaching model is situational and physiological. We use disruptive techniques to help people confront reality and be more at choice in their behavior (even when triggered) in order to move closer to the outcome they want.

Public Speaking

Allegory works with executives and leaders to refine their personal public speaking style so that they can truly connect with an audience. We teach emotional literacy behind a presentation – not tools and tactics that force unnatural behavior. We help executives learn how to reboot their operating system so they are able to self-author their behavior. This is done through individual coaching, group experiential exercises, and follow-up learning and tools for a year.

System Design

Do the systems in your organization promote the individual behavior you desire? Asking an individual to change behavior without a system to accelerate it will result in failure. We design internal systems to produce the desired organizational behaviors.

The closer a person is to the system driving behavior in a company, the less clear the perspective on how it is impacting the choices of the teams. An external eye is often needed to see clearly so that humans can see and fix the right problem.

& More

We can customize a program for your needs. Just reach out and ask!