Kayla Ebien-Pesa

Administrative Juggler

A smiling white woman with shoulder length blonde hair, in black tank top and gray and white cardigan sweater

Although Kayla is not particularly all that great at regular Tetris, when it
comes to playing Tetris with Christina’s calendar, she is a pro. Kayla is our Administrative Juggler, the wearer of various hats and the spinner of many plates. She helps keep Christina’s world from turning upside down and can manage to stay calm in almost any situation. 

Kayla graduated with a degree in Psychology and Social Work which explains her empathetic personality and love for loving other humans. Here at Allegory, we like to call her our bottle of sunshine. Give her two minutes and you’ll know why.

Kayla is originally from Boston and, in 2016, decided to take a leap of faith, embarking on a cross-country road trip to San Francisco. Kayla seeks adventure, loves to learn about different cultures, and taste foods native to each place she visits. She has traveled to over 10 different countries, and chances are, she’s planning a trip abroad right now. 

When Kayla isn’t working at Allegory, you can either find her at the dog park with her Goldendoodle, Nala, hiking, or waiting in line to try the newest restaurants in the city. If you ever need any food recommendations, you know where to find her. 

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