Influencing Humans Through Presentations

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What makes this class better:
  • A pre-session behavioral survey ensures we customize this small class for you, as an individual;
  • You will practice speaking and receive 1:1 private coaching throughout the day, so you are given tools that work specifically for you;
  • You will receive a series of follow-up learning by email, to help you practice and integrate what you have learned after your session;
  • You will get to see — and feel — your progress immediately.
Your message deserves to be heard and remembered.

In this full-day event, we will help you develop practices that increase your particular influence in presentations. 

You will present and be coached in front of a group, and then leave the room for 1:1 individual coaching focused on YOUR style and abilities.

We use filming to show you the types of practices that bring out your genius, rather than telling you — ridiculously — what to do with your hands or counting how many times you say “um.” We will show you what works for you and how to build on it.

To learn more, find your primary goal in presenting below.

What would you like to work on?

Reducing Nerves or Discomfort

If your physiology gets uncomfortable or awkward while presenting, you are not alone. This public speaking class disrupts patterns that keep you from speaking in a natural style, and does not ask you to be fake. We will help you improve your ability to think on your feet, help you recognize and tap into your physiology, and discover how to use your body’s cues rather than be abused by them.


How people feel about themselves while listening to a story dictates commitment to a message. We will teach you how to use physiology in storytelling that helps an audience find themselves in — and remember — your message.

Motivating Action

You will experience and learn how to keep clients, audiences, and employees curious rather than responsive or argumentative. We will show you how to increase the mind share of an audience so they repeat your message and feel motivated to act, and we will teach you how to inspire in your own, authentic way so people trust you.

Class Format and Schedule

9 AM - 12 PM

Benchmark Practice: We film a one-minute practice talk so we can benchmark your ability.

Group Practice: How to consistently improve your physiology

Storytelling: How to be natural and interesting

  • Presentation in front of the room with 1:1 private coaching

Elevate Interest: A practice to increase audience interest

  • Practice with your message
12-1 PM: Lunch
  • Catered, on site
  • Included in cost of class
  • 1:1 coaching schedule created for afternoon session
1-4:30 PM

Breaking Through: An interactive group exercise that improves your ability to think on your feet

Two elements that increase audience action

Motivating Action: A filmed presentation with 1:1 private coaching

  • How to inspire others

Customized Practice: 

  • Each individual practices the component of the presentation that is most critical to their own outcomes
  • A filmed presentation with 1:1 private coaching


  • Specific next steps
  • Each person sees the improvement compared to their benchmark
  • Each person leaves with a specific map to promote their own operating system and genius